About Lavos Performance


Designed the first generation Bamboo Performance Technology line,viz. Natural Performance Creating the most comfortable athletic apparel on the planet, using renewable resource developed over two years, involving extensive research, development and engineering.


The use of eco- friendly Bamboo- organic cotton helps conserve the environment commitment to quality and ultimate comfort ensures value for customers and business associates.


Constantly pushing the boundaries to create inventive and unique products such as the new Medical Health Care Fabric Pursuing excellence on the way to being performance leaders in the apparel industry.

The world of luxury innerwear made from bamboo and organic cotton uniquely blended with spandex. Resulting in inner wear that is luxuriously soft and light against your skin, and is easy to maintain and very durable. Browse through your collection and choose from various styles and colours that best suit your purpose or your mood.

Bs apparels, the parent company of lavos committed to innovation in high performance, environment friendly apparel. Bs apparel is an exporter of performance apparel and leisure wear, made from technologically advanced natural’s fabrics.

The company has perfected its bamboo/ organic cotton combination fabric. The unique qualities of the fabric are:

  • Moisture wicking property, that keeps you try by drawing sweet away from your skin.
  • Bamboo organic cotton an anti- microbial and bacteriostatic bio-agent found in bamboo also keeps your innerwear odour-free.
  • The ultra-violet protection factor (UPF) of the fabric is 50+ which is ‘excellent’ in the protection category. This simply means that the fabric allows less than 2% UV transmission to penetrate through the garment.
  • The fabric is a four-way stretch which means it stretches in both directions, crosswise and lengthwise.
  • Bio- degradable.
  • Soft against the skin, light and durable.

Our products have a loyal following in the US and countries in the EU. This is due to our commitment to quality, integrity and reliability.