Your Feet Deserve The Best.

Soft. Versatile. Comfortable.

Made from Bamboo & Organic Cotton

Lavos Unisex Socks are made out of the two most cosy materials on the planet
to give the best possible comfort for your feet.

Lavos Bamboo Unisex Socks

Lavos Bamboo Unisex Socks
Rs. 199

  • Has natural antimicrobial properties that prevent odour build-up.
  • The lightweight and breathable fabric will keep away blisters.
  • Four-way stretchable.
  • Unique flat seams and arched cut at toe ends give enough room.
  • Light cushioning at the heels to make you feel nice and mushy.
  • The special lining at the top prevents the sock from slipping down.
Lavos Bamboo No smelly socks

No More Smelly Feet 

  • The naturally antimicrobial bamboo prevents odour build-up.  
  • Extremely breathable.  
  • Keeps your feet fresh all-day. 

Plush and Roomy 

  • Flat inner seams won’t bother while you walk.  
  • Unique arched-cut gives plenty of room for the toes. 
  • Light cushioning at the heels makes you feel like you’re afloat. 
Lavos Bamboo Cotton Formal Socks

15 Days Money Back Guarantee

*If you're NOT satisfied with the purchase, get 100% refund*


Very Soft


I loved these socks. They are very good. I was afraid to buy because it’s new product in market but it’s just like other lavos fabrics. Good quality.

Great purchase

Devi Priya R

I was waiting for so long for this. And yes, our feet deserve better. 5 stars for bamboo cotton socks that keep feet fresh and warm.


Nikhil Anton

Perfect length and snug fit socks. Great for formal and informal wear. I highly recommend this.


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Why Bamboo is the most sustainable fabric?

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