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Our process

Quality policy

  • Lavos Performance committed to provide quality products that meet customer’s specifications, in time.
  • Lavos Performance build a beneficial relationship with our end customers, through the understanding of their needs.
  • Lavos Performance strive for continual improvement based upon efficient business process, well defined measurements and best practices.

Moso Timber Bamboo is harvested, pulped, and turned into bamboo viscose.

We mix our fibers by hand to ensure the proper blend.

To exact specifications, our fibers are ring spun to produce a soft, durable yarn.

State of the art knitting machines produce the smoothest fabric possible.

The result is a groundbreaking fabric that allows you to move freely!


The 5S process is a very simple methodical team based approach to organizing your work space to ensure that it is tidy, arranged ergonomically, efficient and capable of repeatable, quality output
Thus the end product completely results in a high quality product without any disappointments.