Did you know?

1 in 20 pregnant women is affected by Urinary Tract Infection which poses health risks to the developing fetus.  

Antimicrobial pregnancy panty

Panties made from Bamboo & Organic cotton have natural antimicrobial properties. 

They are 40% more absorbent than pure cotton. This helps keep you dry all day long and reduce the risk of urinary infections during pregnancy.  

A tight waistband may obstruct healthy blood flow to the fetus. 

Pregnancy panty
bamboo-cotton pregnancy panty

Lavos is not just another pregnancy panty. 

  • 4X more stretchable
  • Naturally 3° cooler than cotton
  • Smooth, non-irritant edges
  • Highly breathable
  • Feather soft fabric
  • Label-free

Experience the Lavos difference. 

Pregnancy panty Trial Pack
Pregnancy panty All-month pack