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Experience the sustainable style with every strand of Bamboo Fabric

Embracing Sustainable Fashion as a Lifestyle

Looking good and doing good has never been easier with our motto: "Wear what's good for you and the planet!"

Since 2010, we're on a mission to create eco-friendly apparel that's both stylish and sustainable. And guess what?

We've discovered the ultimate solution - Bamboo!

It took us two whole years to perfect our game-changing blend of bamboo viscose and organic cotton. Our fabric is the softest, stretchiest, and most skin-friendly material you'll ever wear.

But trust us, it was worth it! By adopting renewable energy sources, we've been able to reduce our carbon footprint by a whopping 22000 PPMV. So, not only will you feel good in our clothes, but you'll also feel good knowing that you're supporting a company that cares about the planet.

Our Purpose

Global Fashion, Local Experience - Extraordinary Clothing

For decades, India has proudly held its place as a global hub for world-class textile manufacturing and exports, but the sad truth is that a majority of our people do not have access to high-quality clothing. For far too long, we've placed the needs of the western world before our own, offering our best products for export while keeping lower-grade apparel for domestic use. It's time to change this narrative and prioritise our local needs, ensuring that every Indian has access to top-quality clothing. At Lavos, we're on a mission to revolutionise the clothing industry and provide an exceptional clothing experience that caters to both local and global audiences. We understand that this commitment isn't easy, but it's one we're proud to make. Our focus isn't just on the numbers; it's on fulfilling the clothing needs of our own communities. That's why we're dedicated to serving our communities and creating a positive impact wherever we go.

Lavos Promise

Quality is Central to Our Mission

We understand the importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin, and that's why we promise to provide you with the ultimate comfort experience.


We are carbon neutral.
That’s never going to change.

Saving energy has always been on our list of priorities, and we’re doing whatever it takes to
keep the Lavos brand carbon neutral.


Solar Power

Our Factory is equipped with 180-kilowatt rooftop-mounted solar power panels which produce 20,000 units every month and a 2.4-megawatt solar power generator that produces 10,000 units per day.
The Lavos Effect

Creating change through our commitment to sustainability


Kg of Carbon Emission


Carbon Emission saved
per garment


More Energy Produced
than Consumed