Our eco friendly fabric is made of

45% Bamboo

Wicks moisture and enables ventilation.

50% Organic Cotton

Safe for sensitive skin as well as the environment

5% Elastane

Exceptional elasticity allows easy movement

Bamboo fabric is

Anti Bacterial,
Anti Fungal &
Odour Resistant

Bamboo fabric is

Good for you
and the earth

Bamboo fabric is

3X softer
than plain cotton

Bamboo fabric is

5X more
breathable & cooling

4.5 Stars—loved by people across cultures.


45+ Google Reviews


100+ Flipkart Reviews


200+ Amazon Reviews


75+ Myntra Reviews

"I have been buying Lavos Products since the inception date. I have become addicted to their products."


"I am using this product since an year and it's very comfortable. none of the products gave this much comfort."


"I am a restless sleeper & twisting and turning is too much during periods. Tried Period Panties. Really a life saver for me. Thank you so much"


"Tried them for the first time and absolutely in love with them. Really the softest tees ever. Thanks Lavos"


"This bamtop is excellent for gym workouts, I found that their clothes are just amazing and comfortable..."


More bamboo fabric, less CO2 emissions


Power of the


Energy saved with
light-saving tech


Reduction on carbon footprint with eco-friendly clothing

Bamboo-Nature's gift for a sustainable future

Indulge in the luxurious comfort of bamboo fabric with its naturally silky, lightweight texture; it's a treat for the skin that feels amazing to wear.

Catalyst for change through innovation

Discover how Lavos blends fashion and sustainability for a greener tomorrow!

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