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Lavos Performance Men's Sweatshirts

Introducing our Limited Edition Men's Sweatshirts made with Bamboo Performance Technology which features our revolutionary Bamboo-Organic Cotton Blend. It is perfect for the upcoming Winter Season and keeps you comfortable all day long.

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Designed for Your Comfort


Bamboo is the material of the future. We prioritize plant-based materials.


We believe in Protect & Preserve. Buy Quality, Use More, Waste Less is mantra.


We manufacture breathable fabrics so that you focus on yourself.


Fabric that keeps up with you. our cotton-bamboo blend is 4-way stretchable.


Bamboo-Cotton blend keeps you 3 degree cooler naturally. Perfect for summers.


Stay safe with the goodness of nature. Bamboo has natural anti-microbial properties.

Happy Customers


The most comfortable Underwear!

"I am using this product since an year and it's very comfortable. none of the products gave this much comfort."


Love it so much

"I am a restless sleeper & twisting and turning is too much during periods. Tried Period Panties. Really a life saver for me. Thank you so much"


My Favourite Tees

"Tried them for the first time and absolutely in love with them. Really the softest tees ever. Thanks Lavos"


Excellent everything...

"This bamtop is excellent for gym workouts, I found that their clothes are just amazing and comfortable..."


My one-stop Store

"I have been buying Lavos Products since the inception date. I have become addicted to their products."

Athleisure that lets you fall in love with the process!

Lavos Performance is your one-stop sustainable and organic athleisure apparel brand in India, Since 2010, we have been developing technical fabrics that are better, lighter, and softer than traditional fabrics.

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100% Organic Cotton


Adhering to Standards


Controlling Quality


Sustainable Future


Creating a better World!

Lavos Performance is India's largest manufacturer of bamboo-cotton blend clothing which is made through a sustainable process that reduces the stress on our beautiful nature. Let us take you on a journey to see why Bamboo is the material of the future?


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