The story of Bamboo fabric

The miracle of Bamboo and our two year journey to make it even better.

Bamboo fabric is made of

45% Bamboo

Wicks moisture and enables ventilation.

50% Organic Cotton

Safe to sensitive skins as well as the environment.

5% Elastane

Exceptional elasticity enables great comfort.

The miracle called Bamboo

Bamboo fibre is soft and porous and comes with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-static and mildew resistant properties. It’s everything you need in one fabric.

How do we better it?

We took things one step further and went on a two year journey of refining our processes and earning the tag of the ‘Wonder fabric’.


For over 20 years, we’ve trusted one single source for the finest quality bamboo fibre.That’s not going to change anytime in the future.


We took the path less traveled and created our own spinning method to combine organic cotton with bamboo fibres.


Conventional knitting went out the window and in came open width knitting, produced by state-of-the-art finer gauge German knitting machines.

Processing & Dyeing

We pass the Bamboo fabric through heat chambers twice to improve its shelf life, followed by a bamboo-suitable dyeing process done in German machines.


Soft & Comfortable

The softness and resulting comfort are the primary reasons why the bamboo fabric is increasingly gaining attention in the fashion world. The bamboo viscose is blended with organic cotton fibre and elastane and developed into yarn which in turn knitted into a fabric that is softer than cashmere.

Why the earth breathes easier with Bamboo fabric

Every process that we evaluated for Bamboo fabric had to pass an important test - how nature friendly was it? And we’re proud to say that Wonderfabrik is sustainably produced.
The machines and process times we chose need less water and power.

We use only ZLD (zero liquid discharge) Technology.

We are on board with ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) standards and use only ZDHC approved Dyes, Chemicals, Auxiliaries and softeners.

We run on renewable technology from Windmills and Solar Farms,