Consider Bamboo!

Bamboo is a dream come true as a fabric. Bamboo is naturally beneficial and is attributed to multiple features. Lavos Performance, through intensive Research and Development since 2010, has innovated and developed Bamboo-based clothing. Bamboo fabric is perfect for athleisure wear. Our patent-pending Bamboo Performance Technology uses a special blend of Bamboo Fabric, BCI Certified Organic Cotton, and Elastane; because we want You to be You!


Bamboo is naturally Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial, so say NO to odor!

UPF 50+

Bamboo protects your from up to 98% of harmful UV rays of the Sun!

Wicks Sweat

Bamboo can absorb up to 3x its own weight and high breathability helps wick sweat!


Bamboo feels colder in the summers and keeps you warm in the Winters!


Bamboo fabric is soft and comfortable. Even more than Egyptian Cotton!

No Chemicals

All these attributes are entirely natural to Bamboo so NO to Chemicals!

Benefits of Bamboo?

Bamboo is not just good for the environment but also for you! So, take the journey with us about Bamboo!

Grows Fast!

Bamboo can grow up to 2.91 ft/day! So if you sit long enough with a bamboo culm, it might just grow before your eyes!

It's Fire Proof

Because it contains large amounts of silicate acid, bamboo is abnormally flame resistant and an excellent fabric choice!

Strong & Flexible

Bamboo is one of the strongest natural building materials in the world which is mighty popular in coastal regions!

Carbon Sequester

Bamboo’s incredible growth rate is more than show stopping — it also translates to some serious carbon sequestration benefits.