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Keep cool while exercising with these workout t-shirts | Choose the right gym topwear

Keep cool while exercising with these workout t-shirts | Choose the right gym topwear

When it comes to workouts, most people mainly focus on wearing the right shoes. However, along with the footwear, having the right workout shirts is equally important. With the perfect top, you are sure to slay your workout sessions with performance and comfort. As there are different gym tops available these days, choosing the right one can be a difficult task.

Hence, if you are wondering what are the different types of workout tops for men and women, here are some of the best options to go with. Let’s take a look at them.

V-Neck T-shirts

The V-neck T-shirts are one of the most opted gym tops for women and men. Owing to their fashionable look and design, they have become a popular choice among the people. These tops are specifically designed with comfort and mobility in mind. During your workout, you can wear these tops and engage in running, jumping, squatting, and other fitness training activities. You can even wear V-neck T-shirts for outdoor and regular household activities. Moreover, by getting the V-neck T-shirts made of bamboo fabrics like the ones offered by Lavos, you can avoid any allergic reactions to your skin.

Long Sleeve T-shirts

When it is chilly outside in the cold winters, it is best to wear the long sleeve T-shirts for your workout sessions. However, you can also wear this gym topwear to warm your body better. You can choose to wear it only during your warm-up or even throughout the workout session. Moreover, if you are self-conscious and do not want your back, shoulder, or arms to be exposed while exercising in the gym, this shirt can be a great option.

Sleeveless T-shirts

Sleeveless T-shirts are a preferred choice of gym t-shirt for women and men. Workout becomes easy and convenient when you wear these T-shirts as they offer enough breathability from all sides. Moreover, it can provide you with more space to conveniently do your arm exercises compared to the other usual T-shirts.

Round Neck T-shirts

While most people consider round neck T-shirts as casual wear, they can actually be an ideal gym t-shirt for men and women. As the name suggests, it has a round and ribbed neckline. Whether you are fat or slim, have a long or round face, the round neck T-shirts can fit you perfectly. They usually come with short sleeves and provide you with a comfortable feel. Available in a wide range of color and size options, you can easily choose the one that suits your needs the best. Getting the T-shirts with a scooped neckline and moisture-wicking properties like the round neck T-shirts of Lavos Performance can make your workout sessions more enjoyable.

Compression Shirts

The compression shirts are also an ideal workout top to wear during the cold winter seasons. You may feel a little uncomfortable at first, owing to its tightness and slightly restricting nature. However, it can provide you with greater support, increase blood flow in your body, and reduce muscle fatigue. It can help in increasing the productivity of your workout sessions by enabling you to sweat out more.

Now that you know what are the different types of workout tops for men and women, it’s time to choose the right gym wear. You can choose depending on your preference and the type of workouts you are usually involved in. Lavos Performance offers a wide assortment of gym topwear for both men and women. Made with Bamboo Performance Technology, the shirts from Lavos are sweat-resistant, have antimicrobial properties, and offer exceptional breathability. Designed with the latest fashion trends in mind, these shirts are a must-have.

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