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Men's Activewear | Workout clothes for Men | Top Trends

Men's Activewear | Workout clothes for Men | Top Trends

The ladies are not the only ones needing workout apparel that are functional, comfortable, and add to their swag factor at the gym. Men need a fine collection of workout clothes too. Whether you are jumping, squatting, lunging, or into yoga, having a good selection of activewear not only makes you look and feel great but also adds a finishing touch to any successful workout regimen.

So, if you want to take your exercise apparel game to the next level, here are some of the latest trends in workout clothes for men that might spark some shopping inspiration within you.

Basic round-neck tee

Be it whichever year, wearing a round-neck tee to the gym can never go out-of-style and will always remain one of the most preferred activewear trends. When you are turning up the intensity of your workout, you will want a T-shirt that keeps you fresh and cool. A high-performance sweat wicking T-shirt, like the Lavos Men's Round Neck Tee, promises extra flexibility and comfort. The tee is made using bamboo fiber that wicks moisture and resists odor, keeping you dry and fresh throughout the workout.


Shorts are a casual piece of garment and a staple of men's gym clothing. Workout shorts should feel comfortable and loose, with a flexible material that allows you to move freely while exercising. If you are looking for a good pair of gym shorts, Lavos has you covered. Its Men's Performance Shorts is designed with movement in mind, thanks to the Bamboo Performance Technology that offers plenty of flexibility. Besides, fitting won't be an issue as these shorts come with an elastic waistband to offer a customizable fit.


For workout sessions during summers, when the temperature is soaring, a good gym vest can be an ideal choice. There are different kinds of men's gym vests, and it is significant to choose the one that suits you best. The Lavos Men's Vest is the perfect companion while exercising or for your everyday routine. It is made from 24-Hour Air Jersey fabric that's extremely soft and lightweight, so you'll feel amazing while you train.

Track Pants

Track Pants are among the most popular athleisure trends among those men who want an amazing exercise apparel but don't necessarily need it to look like workout gear. The Lavos Active Zipper Track Pants are specifically designed so that you can squat, and jump in the gym without the clothing holding you back. They are stylish and durable enough, so you can wear them for casual wear as well as to the gym, making them an ideal all-day active bottom.


How can we forget footwear? Given that most gym activities do not need long-distance running, cross-training sneakers should serve you right. The activewear trends 2021 are more about classic versatile colors like grey and black, which can be easily teamed with most attires to optimize the overall look. However, if you are a little flamboyantly persuaded, the right pair of sneakers can be an incredible way to show a little flair. Be it printed/colored kicks or monogrammed sneakers, either of these can amp up your look as well as offer the much-needed support during every facet of your workout.

And please don't forget wearing socks with your sneakers, the last thing you want is smelly feet that your peers at the gym running away from due to bad odor. Lavos Unisex Socks is something definitely worth a checkout.

So, are you ready to enhance your wardrobe with trending activewear and fitness styles? Lavos is a leading athleisure wear brand that offers a broad range of products, from athletic wear to innerwear that won't break the bank. Our sustainable activewear, made with Bamboo Performance Technology, promises to be at the forefront of style for years to come and is the best choice for those who are environmentally-conscious. Try Lavos clothing for yourself to experience the difference!

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