All about sun-protective UPF workout clothes

All about sun-protective UPF workout clothes

Clothing not only provides you with a great look but has much more to offer. Have you ever come across the UPF workout clothes? Well, If you spend maximum time in outdoor activities or engage in hardcore fitness activities, then it's important to wear sun-protective UPF clothes.

Let's dive in and take a look at the meaning of UPF and what exactly UPF workout clothes are.

What is UPF?

When you hear about UPF, it may sound similar to SPF. However, the two are different. While Sun Protection Factor (SPF) measures the effectiveness of sunscreens, Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) measures the amount of light that passes through the fabric and reaches your skin.

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What are UPF workout clothes?

The UPF clothing for men and women is designed to offer optimum protection to individuals from the sun's harmful UV rays during workout sessions or other outdoor activities. The UPF workout clothes have a different weave and are made of special fabrics to create a barrier against the sun's harmful rays. They usually come in bright and dark colors with tighter knits to offer greater protection. A higher thread count of the sun protective UPF workout clothes ensures providing you with a luxurious feel.

The UPF rating of the sun-protective clothes matters a lot. Choosing clothes with UPF ranging from 30 to 49 can offer good protection, while UPF above 50 ensures excellent protection. A fabric with UPF 50 can block about 98% of the sun rays and allow only 2% to penetrate, thereby significantly reducing the exposure risk.

Are you still wondering does UPF clothing really work? Well, it does. Try the UPF workout clothes from Lavos Performance and feel the difference yourself. Made from UPF 50+ fabric, the clothing of Lavos is sure to offer you optimum protection from the harmful sun rays.

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