Period Panties - Start of something New!

Period Panties - Start of something New!


We stumbled upon Lavos Performance, manufacturers of stain-free period panties. Live a stress-free life even while you're on your period with Lavos. Bid adieu to stains.

What Makes It Awesome

For those who believe that life during periods is as good as the life that girl who jumps around in white pants, let's face the truth. Periods can be really stressful, and staining your underwear only makes it worse.

But, an Indian company is making an effort and is here to provide a more practical solution to our staining woes.

Meet Lavos Performance's no-stain period panties that are made from organic cotton combined with bamboo. These panties maintain moisture, are anti-odor and prevent chaffing. Basically, they are more perfect than your partner.


These panties protect you from UV rays {UPF50+} as well.

These panties have garnered rave reviews and you should definitely get one.

Source: Mr. Nupur Prasad, Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai

Why do I need a pregnancy panty?

Why do I need a pregnancy panty?

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