Period Panty: An eco-friendly companion during your menstrual cycle

Period Panty: An eco-friendly companion during your menstrual cycle

Painful? Stressful? Mood swings? Tired? Are these the words you associate with your monthly cycle days? If yes, it may make you feel better to know that more than 68% of women in India have severe period-related symptoms. While many of the words in the first line above need medical guidance to resolve, this article will help you with one of the ‘stress’ causes and how to eliminate it!

Have I stained? - This thought seems to do an endless dance in our heads during the heavy flow days. All it does is worry us day and night, when outside and even at home, just adding to the existing daily life stress. Oh! And have we not found multiple solutions from uncomfortable sleeping positions to using double sanitary napkins just to make sure that we don’t stain? At times, these solutions don’t work and we are left with lots of washing. So, if we are going to end up washing, we could try out the newest solution being offered - period underwear.


Why make the switch to reusable menstrual products?

Before we discuss period panties and all their benefits, it is important to understand why one needs to make the switch. According to this 2019 research paper, 12 billion pads are used per year in India and many of these components in sanitary napkins do not decompose easily and remain in the environment. Wondering how long it takes to decompose? Anything between 250 to 800 years!

In the last decade or more, sustainable menstrual products have been gaining popularity as consumers have become more aware of their carbon footprint. Statistics like the above about non-biodegradable menstrual products and menstrual waste management have made women realise that it's time to switch to more eco-friendly products. Across the world, women are now preferring to use reusable menstrual products. The most popular choices available in the market are menstrual cups, menstrual discs and period panties.

What are period panties?

Period panties are like your regular underwear but with extra layers to provide protection during menstruation. Here is all you need to know about this newest menstrual hygiene product in the market.

organic bamboo cotton period pants

This underwear has 3 to 4 layers that absorb and hold any leakage which may occur during periods. The first layer is a moisture-wicking layer that absorbs the blood and keeps the top dry. The second layer holds onto the blood. The third layer ensures that there is no leakage. While the design is similar to a sanitary napkin, period pants are reusable and thereby, more eco-friendly.


Currently, in the market, there are two types of period panties available. The first one is for the true brave hearts - it uses the same process as baby diapers. The underwear has an additional slot where one can enter inserts to hold the excess blood. These period pants are to be used without any other menstrual products and can be used on your heavy-flow days as well.

The other period panty is one that can be used on its own on light flow days toward the end of the monthly cycle. However, on heavy-flow days, one must use it along with another menstrual hygiene product.


Wondering how to take care of your period panty? After use, rinse in cold water and let it soak. After that, wash the same way you wash your other undergarments.
(Note: We recommend that when using a machine, place the panty in the mesh bag and wash on a gentle cycle. Handwashing it using a mild soap or detergent will give it a longer life. Better to hang dry or lay the panty flat to maintain the integrity and elasticity of the fabric instead of using a dryer.)


Period panties offer multiple benefits such as,

Saves money: As these are a one-time purchase, they are easy on the pocket. Even if you are using them with other menstrual products, their added protection ensures reduced usage of pads or tampons.

Good for the environment: Disposable sanitary pads and tampons take several years to decompose. Using period underwear reduces the amount of sanitary waste in landfills as they are reusable. Additionally, since it's all-natural fabric, they themselves are quick to decompose if discarded after a full life cycle.

All-day Comfort and Stress-Free: For the modern-day woman who is always on the go, period panties ensure you are comfortable the entire day and do not have to worry about small leakages. When you are expecting to begin your cycle or are at the end of one, you can simply use period panties without any other menstrual product as they are comfortable and will give you the protection you need.

Lavos: The Best Period Panties in India

In the Indian market, there are many brands that are selling period panties. So, what makes us the best period panties in India?

The fabric used to make Lavos period panties is a combination of 52% organic cotton, 43% bamboo and 5% elastane. This is a 100% natural fabric and is soft giving the wearer all-day comfort like no other. More importantly, thanks to bamboo’s natural anti-microbial properties, the chances of infections during this time are reduced immensely. This fabric is also odour-free and stain-free. We are the only brand in India to use a combination of bamboo fiber and organic cotton to create period panties.


leak proof period panty

Lavos period panties have 4 layers to keep you naturally comfortable all day. The first is a moisture-wicking layer to keep the top dry. The next is a unique Techno Plush layer to hold the blood. Third, is a PU-coated leakproof layer. And finally, a guard layer with extra stitching to prevent leakages from the sides. Did we mention that we are available in 8 colours - choose one for each cycle day?

Our period underpants are one of the most comfortable available in the market. The bamboo blend makes this menstrual underwear 3 times softer than plain cotton ones. The fabric is breathable and keeps you feeling dry the entire day. And, no rashes or infection because the fabric has anti-microbial properties.

Unlike other brands whose period panties range between ₹600 to ₹1000, Lavos period panties are extremely affordable. Our period panties cost only ₹350, the same as any regular underwear. We believe that all women should be able to explore this option and choose to keep our product affordable.
Multiple uses: Lavos period panties can be used daily as they also provide protection during spotting, postpartum bleeding, vaginal discharge, incontinence and excessive sweat.

Eco-Friendly Brand:
Lavos is a conscious brand that is good for its customers and the environment. We are certified by multiple bodies for our standards such as the Better Cotton Initiative, Global Organic Textile Standards, Organic 100 Content Standard and OEKO-Tex.


best period underwear india

Did you know? We are one of the fastest-selling period panty brands in India and 8 out of 10 customers recommend Lavos Performance.
We would like you to take our word for it. However, we understand if you want to do your own research. Check for Lavos period panties on any popular consumer site and go through customer reviews; the positive feedback will surely convince you to try Lavos out once. After that, we are confident you will be a returning customer!

There is no right time or right day to try period panties. Go ahead and buy one today from our website!


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