All you need to know about sun-protective UPF workout clothes | Why it's necessary

All you need to know about sun-protective UPF workout clothes | Why it's necessary

A little exposure to sunlight is usually advisable as it is believed to promote a stronger immune system and keep you healthy. However, too much exposure to sunlight can do more harm than good. This is exactly where the UPF clothing for women and men comes to the rescue. UPF clothing is somewhat an alien subject in India, but you can get better protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Is UPF clothing worth it? Well, this is a genuine question that may come to your mind. To help you out, here are some reasons that will convince you as to why it is necessary. Let's take a look!

Reduces Direct Sun Exposures

When you are involved in outdoor activities or workout sessions outdoors, you are likely to be directly exposed to the sun's harmful rays. However, wearing UPF clothing for men and women can significantly reduce this risk. Such clothing comes with functional designs like long sleeves, thumbholes, collars, and more to minimize direct exposure of skin to sun rays. 

Provides Comfort

Workout sessions are not likely to be productive when you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, especially during the hot summers. The UPF clothing is lightweight and comes with a breathable and moisture-wicking feature to provide you with optimum comfort in hot weather conditions. By staying cool in sunny weather, you can enjoy your workout sessions better.

Reduces Skin Problems

Direct exposure to UV radiation from the sun for a long time can result in various skin problems like sunburns, aging of the skin, and even skin cancer. However, wearing UPF workout clothes can keep these diseases at bay. By covering your skin and preventing the harmful UV rays from reaching it, the UPF clothing significantly reduces the chances of skin problems.

This is what one of our regular customers has to say about the UPF Clothing:

I love driving but one thing I always hated was the sun burning my skin below my cotton clothes. It really made me very uncomfortable. For my last trip, I decided to get myself some UPF Clothing offered by Lavos Performance and I think it's the best experience I ever had! No burning sensation, no discomfort, just a relaxing, long drive to and fro the mountains.


Are you looking for some cool workout clothes made from UPF fabric? Upgrade your wardrobe with the UPF clothing from Lavos Performance and enjoy your workout sessions like never before!

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