Tips and benefits to use a period panty: Guide to safe & hygienic periods

Tips and benefits to use a period panty: Guide to safe & hygienic periods

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Gone are those days of tampons and sanitary pads being the only menstrual hygiene options for Women. While there are many choices available in the market these days, reusable products like period underwear are gaining immense popularity among women. Period panties are specially designed to offer extra protection against leaks and are a one-and-done solution.
Underwear only? Most may be thinking.

Well, don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered. Following is a guide to period underwear- what it is, how it works, benefits, and tips to use it- to help you decide if it’s worth it to switch to period panties.

What is period panty?

A period panty is an undergarment intended to be worn during your periods. Though a few women prefer relying on a period panty only during the light menstrual flow days, you can also use the period panties for heavy flow days.
If you are looking for a good brand to buy period panties online in India, you must try Lavos Performance.

We manufacture period panties using special bamboo fabrics and our period underwears are good for low to medium flow days, with extra protection at the sides and rear giving you maximum comfort in those days. Moreover, since Bamboo has natural antimicrobial properties, it guards you against infections and keeps you odour free.

How do period panties work?

The period panties are made using 5 layers of protection that can hold period flow worth 1-2 tampons- a stain-resistant layer is included to avoid any staining, a moisture wall or barrier coat, an anti-stain layer, anti-leak coat and an antimicrobial coat to keep you comfortable all day long.

Are you still confused about making a transition to period underwear? Several first-time users begin with using the panty as a backup or during lighter menstrual flow days.

Do you Know? 8 out of 10 Period Panty users recommend Lavos Performance.

You can give period panties a try by using the underwear overnight initially, when your cycle is about to end and when your blood flow is very light or when you are expecting your periods to arrive and want to avoid midnight checks. Lavos panties are designed to feel and look just like a regular panty and are extremely soft and light on the skin to offer maximum comfort.

What are the benefits of a period panty?

Saves Money:

Period panties are a one-off purchase, which is far better than purchasing pads or tampons every month. You can easily reuse them by just washing, making them a great alternative to pads or tampons. Quick Fact: A period panty can last up to 24 months without any issues.

Protects Nature:

Disposable sanitary pads could take several years to decompose, as can the plastic in and around tampons. But, period panties, on the other hand, help reduce the sanitary waste that ends up in the landfill as they are reusable, and since it's all natural fabric, it’s quick to decompose too.

No Itchiness:

Period panties are more comfortable on the skin than other sanitary products, and also since its just mainly bamboo fabric and BCI certified Organic Cotton, it protects you naturally. For instance, some women experience skin allergies due to sanitary pads but the same is not the case with Lavos Performance Period Panty.

All day comfort:

Period panty is best suited for modern women who are always on the go and empowers you when you are at work or traveling as you don’t have to worry about constantly changing your tampon or pad.

How to care for your period panty?


After you have used the panty, rinse & soak it in cold water for some time.


If you are machine washing, place the panty in the washable mesh sack and wash it on a gentle or delicate cycle. Consider hand-washing the panty using a mild soap or detergent to make it last longer.


Don’t place the panty in the dryer bag. Instead, hang dry or lay the panty flat to maintain the integrity and elasticity of the fabric.


Are you tensed about lingering smells or stains? Lavos period panties are naturally odor- and stain-resistant because of Bamboo fabric and will not retain a bad smell after the wash.

Products like Lavos period panties make both an ecologically sustainable and economically smart choice. They are a great alternative if you are done using tampons or pads!

Plus, trying it out as a backup on a heavier day is great too. The bamboo fabric used in the period panty is extremely easy to clean and pleasing to touch despite several washes. So why wait? Try Lavos period panties, and have a safe period!

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