Benefits of Bamboo-based Clothing

Benefits of Bamboo-based Clothing

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. It can grow up to 3 feet in a day and if you are observant, you can even see it with your naked eyes. While Bamboo was used just for structural aspects historically, an array of technological developments over the years have helped use bamboo fiber in a broad range of fashion and textile applications. Modern-day bamboo clothes are developed by blending pure bamboo yarn with other yarns like cotton or even spandex and hemp. 

How is bamboo different from regular cotton?

Many are under the false impression that bamboo and cotton clothing have the similar features. But did you know? Bamboo wicks 40% more moisture than regular organic cotton once it's converted into fabric. Unlike cotton, bamboo fabric pulls sweat away from the skin much faster and keeps you comfortable and dry for a long time. So, you won't remain sweaty for long. Furthermore, Bamboo reins over Cotton with various benefits such as:

  • It’s softer than Cotton, some say, it’s softer than egyptian cotton
  • It’s naturally 3 degrees cooler
  • It is a natural anti-microbial fabric, which means no bacteria or fungus
  • Helps regulate body temperature
  • Has natural micro-pores improving breathability
  • And, is known to have higher durability

Now that you know some benefits about bamboo fabric, let's get to know the top reasons why you need bamboo clothing in more detail.

Its odor free

Bamboo is naturally odor-resistant and anti-bacterial. That's because bamboo possesses a bacteriostatic and anti-fungal bio-agent known as 'Bamboo Kun' that helps it grow and flourish in the natural habitat without the need for any fertilizers or pesticides. This quality of the bamboo plant stays in its fabric form. Resultantly, your bamboo clothes keep you smelling and feeling fresh and odor free for long, making them more suitable for harsh summers, active lifestyle and workout sessions like yoga, workout and even everyday wear. 

Impressed already? If yes, you must definitely try Lavos bamboo clothing for workout, which is made using bamboo fabrics that wick away sweat quickly and keep you dry while exercising.

Its naturally UPF-50+

The Bamboo fibers are naturally UV resistant and can block around 97.5% of the harmful UV radiations. That, therefore, makes it a perfect material to have on your skin during hot summer days, when you are highly exposed to the sunlight.

It's soft on the skin

As the bamboo fibers don't undergo any chemical treatment, they're naturally soft and smoother on the skin. That makes bamboo garments hypoallergenic and ideal for those who witness allergic reactions to other fibers like hemp or wool. It is for this reason, bamboo is gaining increasing popularity, and also why Lavos embarked on the path to enhance every life experience of the wearer by producing high-quality bamboo performance clothing.

It has a natural shine

Bamboo fiber is essentially known for its natural texture and shine that gives the clothing a luxurious appearance so it is bound to impress people who are regular cotton wearers.

It is insulating and thermo-regulating

Bamboo clothing is naturally cooler and offers incredible ventilation, thanks to the microscopic gaps in the fiber that help regulate the body temperature. Hence, garments made of bamboo are an excellent choice for every season. Lavos takes great care in each step involved while processing bamboo to offer you garments that keep you 3° cooler during summer and noticeably warmer during winter.

It is durable and resistant to crease

The bamboo apparel, with proper care, will remain with you for years, exceeding the shelf life of regular cotton clothes. It is, in fact, nearly impossible for bamboo to wrinkle or crease. It can hold its shape well, even after frequent washing. Lavos apparels are highly durable and suitable for those who lead an active outdoor lifestyle. Moreover, as these are crease-resistant, they look fabulous for longer and saves one's time to iron!

Hence, with such incredible benefits, the resurgence of bamboo in the fabric and textile industries shouldn't come as a surprise. However, to witness the actual benefits of bamboo garments for yourself, do check out the vast collection of Lavos Performance today, available for both men and women. All the apparels are made from sustainable bamboo fabrics that not only offer comfort to you but also don't pose any harmful environmental impact. To learn more about all benefits of Bamboo, Click Here!

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