How maternity panty helps | All you need to know about pregnancy underwear

How maternity panty helps | All you need to know about pregnancy underwear

Pregnancy brings mixed feelings of happiness and confusion for many, and while it might not go through your mind as a priority, one of the major concerns of most women during pregnancy is the selection of the right underwear. With the changes in your body and inflation of your belly, managing with your old underwear becomes impossible, which, therefore, calls for a change. As such, the best option for you to try here would be the pregnancy underwear for women or Maternity Panty. 

Benefits of Maternity Panty

The maternity panties are specially designed to offer optimum comfort to pregnant women. Keeping the pregnant body in mind, they are made in such a way so as to allow better movement and stretching. It helps in providing you the support that you need during your pregnancy times. There has been a surge in pregnancy underwear in India because dressing becomes convenient for the mothers-to-be.

The maternity panties are usually made from soft and premium quality fabrics to reduce the pressure on pelvic muscles. Moreover, the panties can easily be stretched to perfectly fit your belly while ensuring optimum comfort. For the best experience, you can try out the maternity panties of Lavos. They are extremely soft and come with self-fabric support to reduce pressure on the baby bump and offer optimum comfort throughout your pregnancy period. 

5 steps to Choose the Perfect Maternity Underwear

If you are confused about how to shop for your pregnancy underwear, here is a simple guide to maternity panties that can help.

Consider the Size

When purchasing maternity panties, size is an important factor to consider. While determining the right size can be challenging, you can make use of some calculative ideas. Try thinking of the number of weeks that you have more to go and the potential weight you might gain. Always go for a larger size in order to ensure optimum comfort.

Consider your Shape

Your shape or waist type is the next important thing to consider. The pregnancy panties usually come in two variants. One is the low waist panties, and the other one is the high waist panties. While the high waist panties will cover up your belly, the low waist ones will remain under the belly. Depending on your shape and comfort level, you can choose the right maternity panties. A quick search for pregnancy panties on amazon or google will get you a lot of options and if you are still confused, try giving Lavos a chance.

Consider the Material

During pregnancy, it is always advisable to go for fresh, breathable, and stretchy materials in order to ensure comfort and avoid irritation. Among all the options, cotton and micro-fiber-based materials prove to be the best options. 

The maternity panties of Lavos Performance are made from a mix of organic cotton, elastane, and bamboo to provide complete comfort. They are even odor-free and anti-bacterial, thereby reducing the chances of irritation due to uncalled for discharges.

Consider the Durability

Durability is also an important factor to consider. While buying maternity underwear, you need to look for durable ones. For this, you must check the material as well as stretchability. Availing the durable maternity panties will ensure that they will last longer without getting damaged easily.

Consider the Back Support

When shopping for maternity underwear in India, it is also important to consider the back support. As a lot of pressure will be on your lower back, it is important to  Try investing in budget-friendly maternal panties, as these are meant for a certain duration only. There are chances that the size of your panties will change soon.

While there isn’t any hard and fast rule related to what you must wear during pregnancy, all you need to ensure is that you feel comfortable and good. Choosing the right maternity panty is not that difficult. Simply keeping the important considerations in mind can help you get the perfect fitting maternity underwear. With the right choice of maternity underwear, you will surely be able to enjoy your pregnancy time better.

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