Ethical and sustainable fashion | Why it matters?

Ethical and sustainable fashion | Why it matters?

Ever heard of sustainable fashion? Well, you must have as it is one of the most trending topics in recent times. Sustainability has become the need of the hour for every industry, and the fashion and clothing sector is no exception. Ethical and sustainable clothing basically means that the clothes are manufactured, designed, and sourced in such a way so as to reduce environmental impact.

Did you know? A single cotton t-shirt uses 2,700 Litres of Water in its entire life cycle!

Why does it matter?

Sustainability has become a growing concern around the world. With the increase in environmental degradation, sustainable approaches are being adopted more and more. Here are some of the best reasons why sustainable or eco-friendly clothing matters.

Reduced Textile Waste

About one truck of textile waste is burnt or dumped every second around the globe. Isn’t that alarming? The main cause of such huge textile waste is fast fashion. Switching to ethical and sustainable clothes can help lower this waste as they are manufactured using environment-friendly materials.

Less Carbon Footprint

The industry of fast fashion leaves a lot of carbon footprint in the environment during its operation. Fast fashion clothing is usually made from petroleum-based material such as nylon, polyester, and acrylic that contributes to an increase in carbon footprint. Moreover, the use of chemicals and extra energy adds more. Green fashion, on the other hand, uses natural fabrics, requires less water and energy, and involves little or even no chemical treatment. This helps in significantly reducing carbon footprint in the environment.

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Saves Water

In the era of water crisis, sustainable clothing is a great way to save water. The fashion industry uses a huge amount of water for its finishing and manufacturing process. However, eco fashion helps in minimizing the usage of water during the production process to a great extent. It uses little or even no water and believes in recycling used water to a maximum capacity, thereby saving a lot.

A quick fact! Lavos performance recycles 99% of the water used in its facility through a closed loop water system.

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