Lavos guide to the Perfect Father's Day Gift!

Lavos guide to the Perfect Father's Day Gift!

A man transforms in several ways, both emotionally and mentally when he becomes a dad, to give his child the best in life. He is a strong pillar for his family and does many things without asking for anything in return. So, this Father's Day, why not treat your father with something special?

Father's Day is the perfect time to appreciate your superhero for his loving support, encouragement, and guidance in winning life's battles. But what kind of gift should you pick as a gesture to express your respect and love for your father?

This father's day, give him the gift of health with Lavos Performance

Well, if your dad is totally into workouts or is looking for ways to worry about his health after being home during lockdown all day long, give him something he will be thrilled to receive this Father's Day, whether it is for his gym sesh or outdoor activities. Consider it as a win-win situation as you will not only contribute towards his longevity and health but also make him smile with your gesture of appreciation to his battles for you!

To help you out, here is a Lavos Performanceā€™s guide to some of the best fitness Father's Day Gift ideas for your dad.

Lavos Men's Performance Shorts

For a minimalist man, don't look any further than the Men's Performance Shorts from Lavos, an Indian brand that gives importance to sustainability without compromising on style & comfort. Made using high-quality bamboo fabrics, these shorts not only feel good but also look amazing. When it comes to running or hitting the gym, this bottom wear is the way to go. They feature an elastic waistband with a drawcord to offer a comfortable, customizable fit.

Lavos Men's Vest (Pack of 2)

For the father who deserves more than just one, you can explore the Lavos combo of two white men's vests. These vests are made using the Lavos exclusive 24-hour air jersey fabric that's exceptionally soft yet stretchable and lightweight. The anti-odor technology of the fabric prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes, leaving you feeling and smelling fresh even after an intense workout sesh. The vest can be paired with either shorts or track pants, which brings us to the next gift idea.

Lavos Men's Track Pant

It's an excellent move to gift some long-track pants to elevate your dad's fitness game on Father's Day. With 4-way stretch, the Lavos men's active zipper track pants make a great fitness gift to give your father. Designed with bamboo and polyester blends, each pair has moisture-wicking fabric and built-in compression for additional coverage. Moreover, the UPF 50+ protects the skin against harmful UV rays, making it an ideal pair for outdoor workouts.

Lavos Men's Performance Round Neck Tee

Treat your dadĀ to the comfortable, quality tees he loves. Here is where the Lavos Men's Performance Round Neck Tee steps in with its 52% organic cotton, 43% bamboo, and 5% elastane that perfectly fits around the shoulders, sides, and arms and gives extra room in front for dad bods. Available in different colors and sizes, this T-shirt is best for not only showing off his quad but also for him to flex, bend and move with ease during his exercise session.

Lavos Men's Performance Active Polo

Your dad will love wearing the Lavos Men's Performance Active Polo on and off the course. It is made with a bamboo and cotton blend that is soft yet lightweight. Perfect for workout or daily wear, this clothing pulls away unwanted sweat quickly with its quick-dry, moisture-wicking fabric. Your dad is bound to prefer it more than the other shirts as it's comfortable, trendy and most importantly, a gift from you.

No matter the type, he is always the best father! Let him know how much he means to you by choosing theĀ best Father's Day Gift. From quality gym clothing to best-in-class outdoor wear, check out the Lavos collection of athleisure garments that are sure to take your dad's wellness routine to the next level!

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