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7 easy home workouts to do during lockdown

7 easy home workouts to do during lockdown

With the lockdown being imposed due to the second wave of coronavirus, fitness centers and gyms were among the first public facilities to be closed down. Sadly, their closure has affected our fitness regimen immensely. However, this should not mean that you should skip exercising, especially now, when both mental and physical fitness is critical because of the rising coronavirus cases. 

Staying at home can make you lazy and have a negative effect on your mental & physical health; hence trying home workouts during lockdown can help you remain active, strengthen your immunity, and improve your mental health during the pandemic. 

Here are seven easy exercises to do at home during the lockdown, without the need for any specialized gym machine or equipment.

Head out for cardio

Considering where you reside, you may still be allowed to head out to do some cardio exercises. In India, you are presently allowed to cycle or do jogging in states like Mumbai during the lockdown. As such, cycling or going for a quick jog early in the morning can help you feel positive and get some Vitamin D. To enjoy a comfortable ride and freedom of movement, you can check out the amazing range of athletic gear by Lavos. Made of bamboo fabric, the garments are suitable for every weather- keeping you cool during summer and warm in the winters.

Resistance exercises at home

You can improve your mobility by strengthening your muscles with resistance workout exercises at home. You may have had equipment at the gym that can aid you with this; however, you will have to be innovative at home. You can try lunges by doing sit-to-stands from a chair, or you can do air squats through one-leg step ups on the stairs. To enjoy superior comfort while performing these exercises, you can get your hands on Lavos Round-Neck T-shirt that’s infused with temperature regulating and moisture-wicking benefits of bamboo.

Use household objects as weights

If you do not own kettlebells or dumbbells at home, there are a few surprising alternatives you can try instead. You can use tins of beans, bottled water, and bags of flour or rice as substitutes. If you require something heavier and more extensive, you can fill up a sack with things too.


If you have a garden, doing its usual upkeep and maintenance would also fall under the home workouts during lockdown category. Squatting while planting and weeding will help strengthen up your glutes and core. Besides, carrying the watering can is a great way to tone the arms, while lawn mowing is a good cardio exercise and best for heart health.


During times of immense uncertainty and stress, controlled breathing and slow-moving yoga asanas are another form of exercises to do at home during lockdown. It can help ease anxiety, elevate core strength, and improve cardiovascular health. There are several yoga practice channels and videos online for you to try! All you have to do is buy something comfortable like the Lavos Track Pant or Yoga Pant to get started.


Most people don’t consider the health benefits that come with cleaning; however, you can make it your actual workout. A few experts estimate that one can burn some calories while doing daily household chores such as mopping and sweeping, but you will have to include some adjustments into the cleaning routine. For instance, you can do side lunges while making your bed or step-into lunges while vacuuming.


You can now find several free mobile apps that can help you with doing Pilates at home. It does not have to be a high-intensity workout, but you will likely be sore the following day as Pilates burns calories and builds core strength, flexibility, and muscle balance.    

Exercising during the coronavirus lockdown might not seem easy to do, but it isn’t impossible either. Try a few of these exercises to do at home to remain healthy and fit while you are stuck indoors. 

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