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Health benefits of regular cycling with Lavos Performance

To remain healthy and fit, you are required to be physically active. Exercising daily can help enhance your well-being and avoid serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, obesity, arthritis, diabetes, and mental illness. Physical exercise, such as cycling, is a great way to lower health risks related to an inactive lifestyle.

Cycling is an amazing low-impact aerobic exercise that people of all age groups can enjoy, from young kids to the elderly. In fact, the WHO suggests that adults should indulge in at least 150mins of moderate physical exercise, like cycling, each week. Besides, cycling is also cheap, fun, and healthy for our environment.

Continue reading to have a look at some of the most important cycling benefits for health.

Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is extremely risky when it comes to cardiovascular disease. A few experts suggest that regular physical activity like cycling can help prevent such conditions. They further note that the blood pressure might lower by 4.3% after three months, and then by 11.8% in the next six months. Meanwhile, another study states that cycling is highly effective in reducing blood pressure among people with Type 2 diabetes.

Cardiovascular Health

Cycling reduces the resting pulse, strengthens heart muscles, and lowers blood fat levels. Several researchers have cited that regular cycling can help to improve cardiovascular health. For instance, a study in 2017 suggests that those who prefer cycling to work encounter notable health perks, including enhanced heart functioning.

Apart from a 46% reduced risk of developing any cardiovascular disease, people cycling to work even have a reduced mortality risk of 52%. The study results further indicate that besides enhancing cardiovascular health, those who cycle to work might also have a lower cancer risk.

Weight Control

As per a study from 2019, cycling can be very effective in lowering body mass and body fat. If an individual wants to lose those extra kilos, getting ample exercise and consuming a healthy diet is crucial.

Cycling can aid in managing your weight as it boosts the body metabolism, lowers body fat level, and builds muscle. Besides, it's also adaptive, which means that you can modify the intensity and length of your exercise regimen as per your convenience.

Based on your body type, you can burn around 300 calories every hour through moderate cycling. And if you increase the intensity, you can burn more calories within less time. That's how cycling helps in weight loss and is a fantastic way to reduce or control weight.

Mental Health

Besides potentially helping to reduce the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's by boosting BDNF protein levels in the body, cycling has also shown to improve mental health. As per a 2013 study, daily activity, such as cycling, helps lower the level of cortisol in our brain, which directly is related to reducing depression symptoms as well as treating common mental disorders, such as anxiety and stress.

Lung Health

Cycling is also beneficial in improving cardiorespiratory health. A 2011 study shows that lung health improves primarily when you cycle for around 170-250 mins a week.

Cycling is significant to maintain healthy lungs for people with/without any lung condition. For instance, people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can incorporate cycling in their respective pulmonary rehabilitation routine. Besides, any form of physical activity, such as cycling, also helps lower the risk of developing respiratory infections like SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19.

So, these were some of the many cycling health benefits ranging from improved heart health to aid in weight control and stress management.
So, Whatare you waiting for? Grab a bike and get, set, go!

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