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Balanced Diet & Exercises over Fad Diets: the Secret to a Healthy & Fit Body

Balanced Diet & Exercises over Fad Diets: the Secret to a Healthy & Fit Body

Wondering why you are unable to shed those extra kilos? Well, what you eat plays a significant role in losing weight, but it isn't the only aspect. A person's fitness or health is influenced by several factors, including sleeping habits, energy levels, hormonal health among others. When your body is deprived of vital nutrients, it might have a negative impact on your health.

Studies prove that the weight loss process consists of 80% diet and 20% exercise. While many people are familiar with this, they cannot help but try out fad diets that are gaining popularity. However, remember that not every diet offers desired results. Weight loss is all about eating balanced meals and not eating little to be slim.

Here's why fad diets don't work in losing weight.

Why are fad diets not good for weight loss?

Fad diets are either too abundant in just one element or extremely low in the other, are goal-oriented, or extensively inclined to some macro groups. For example, the keto diet focuses on proteins and healthy fats. It avoids carbohydrates, which causes our body to begin the ketosis process and burn fats for energy production instead of carbohydrates. Initially, this diet was created to prevent epilepsy and other epileptic disorders. However, that isn't the best approach to follow to maintain a healthy body.

How to lose weight the healthy way?

As we have understood by now, the importance of a balanced diet and exercise for a healthy lifestyle cannot be neglected. Instead of stressing over your dress size or how you look in the mirror, think about your health. Here are some ways that can help you with weight loss without harming your health.

Healthy nutrition practices are important:

Once you start eating good foods, the gut produces a healthy microbiome, which is connected to most of the brain and body processes as well as hormonal health. A healthy body system then helps improve your focus, agility, alertness, performance and improves your brain's thinking ability. In simple words, your body functions better when you eat nutritional foods.

Incorporate foods of different varieties:

As mentioned above, a balanced diet is important for a healthy and fit body. This includes the perfect fat, carbohydrate, and protein balance as well as foods of different varieties. It would be best to incorporate lean protein, healthy fats like monounsaturated fats from almonds and olives, and complex carbs like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. A fad diet doesn't include vital nutrients, and you, therefore, prevent yourself from falling ill.

Different type of food makes sure that you intake all the necessary nutrients. All nutrients are necessary for body feat. Lavos Performance

Control portion size:

The food portions have become bigger now, and studies show that elevated portion size contributes to overeating and unnecessary weight gain. Most people eat nearly all the items they offer to themselves. Hence, regulating the portion size can help in preventing overindulgence. You can take many practical measures to control your portion size, like using a smaller dish, measuring the food you consume, eating slowly, or drinking water just before having your meal.

Exercise and stay active:

Another reason why you must avoid fad diets is because of the complete omission of exercise in them. In that case, the body will not be in the position to develop the muscle mass required to burn calories. But an effective diet needs you to regularly exercise as well to lose weight. You should remain active for around 30 mins each day to enhance your muscle mass and enhance your body's metabolism. Check out 7 easy home workouts to do during lockdown for some easy exercises to keep you healthy right at your home.

Though fad diets claim quick weight reduction as well as other advantages, there is no strong scientific evidence to support them. They are often nutritionally unproductive and unbalanced over time. Hence, it’s widely recommended to have a balanced diet and regular workout for a perfectly healthy body.

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