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Sweat it out: Staying fit with Aerobic Exercises

Sweat it out: Staying fit with Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic Exercise is not all step workouts and Swimming. While those kinds of classes were called ‘aerobics’ during the 80s and the 90s, aerobic exercise is just another term for rhythmic cardio. When you perform aerobic exercises, your heart rate tends to elevate for a sustained period while also helping to keep your lungs and brain healthy.

As per fitness experts, the aerobic workout is known to:

  • Help you with weight loss
  • Help lower anxiety
  • Build stamina and endurance
  • Help lower the blood pressure level
  • Increase positive moods
  • Improve muscle and joint flexibility 

Isn’t that amazing? But which simple routines come under Aerobic Exercises? Well stay tuned as we are going to tell you just that...

You can stay fit with aerobics anywhere, with little to no equipment. However, to avoid injuries, always make sure to warm up before you start doing any exercise. 

Experts recommend doing around 2.5 hours (150 mins) of moderate aerobic workout or 1.25 hours (75 mins) of vigorous workout a week.  

Below are some simple aerobic exercises you can indulge in:


Equipment needed: Running shoes

If you are new to jogging or running, don’t rush and start slow with alternate running and walking for one minute at once. Ensure that you don’t forget to warm up and stretch: try for briefer sessions a few times per week initially and then add further as you start getting more robust. 

To have a pleasant jogging/running experience, it’s equally important to wear comfortable and high-performance clothes. You must, therefore, check out the incredible athleisure collection by Lavos that’s highly breathable and good at moisture wicking, helping you push in your every workout session with ease.

Jump Rope

Equipment needed: A jump rope and pair of sneakers

If you are entirely new to using a jump rope, begin with a pre-decided number of reps or minutes. Go a bit longer every time. Besides the standard cardio benefits, a jumping rope also helps in improving your body awareness, hand and foot coordination, and agility. 

Aim at a 15 min jump rope session, 2 to 3 times per week when you are just getting started. More importantly, make sure to have a yoga mat or an exercising mat so that in case you lose balance, you'll have something soft to relax on.


Equipment needed: A pair of good sneakers

Walking is one of the most popular forms of aerobic workout as you can do it anywhere. Include 10-min brisk walks before as well as after work and during lunchtime, or make time for a few longer walks. 

You can use a step counter or a fitness tracking app on your smartphone to keep an eye on your steps. Aim for 10,000 steps a day and keep adding more gradually to your daily tally each week. Lavos activewear for both men and women is well-suited for running as the cotton-bamboo blend in the fabric is 4-way stretchable, offering you the flexibility of movement. Find Lavos Performance interesting, learn more about us!


Equipment needed: Music Speakers and Sneakers (optional)

Dancing is one of the best and easy home workouts for those who hate to workout. Just play your favorite track or music and dance like nobody’s watching, and that too in your bedroom or living room, wherever suits you. Don’t stress about the way you appear. Just dance your heart out! And before you even know it, you might have danced for 30 mins, one hour or more.

You can either do this aerobic exercise daily or 2-3 times per week, depending on your routine and body flexibility. This will definitely turn up the heat in your body and before you know it, you are losing hundreds of calories.


Aerobic workouts are the best means to stay fit and healthy. However, don’t forget to choose the right pair of clothing once you decide what kind of aerobic activity you want to pursue. Lavos is India’s first ever athleisure brand with Bamboo Performance Technology. Made with highly comfortable and soft bamboo fabrics, the garments help in free movement, so that you can make the most of your workout without any hassle.

So, what you waiting for?

Get your game started with Lavos and experience the change!

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