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Difference between Sleep Shorts and Performance Shorts

Lavos Performance writes about the importance of different Shorts

Who doesn’t want to follow a proper sleep cycle? Obviously, everyone does! Along with sleep, a regular workout session is also essential to help you stay fit and healthy. With people becoming more health-conscious, exercising has become a vital part of everyday life. So, having both sleep shorts and performance shorts in your wardrobe is a must.

Ever thought about sleep shorts vs. workout shorts? While there are several similarities between the two, there exist some differences too. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two.


There is a clear difference between the purpose of sleep shorts and performance shorts. While the sleep shorts are meant to be worn during the night, the performance shorts are designed especially for workout sessions. With the perfect gym-fit shorts, you are sure to feel energetic and enjoy your workout sessions.


Whether you are looking for sleep shorts or performance shorts, choosing the right material matters a lot. When it is about sleep, shorts, cotton, and other super-soft fabrics are the most preferred materials. However, cotton is not ideal for the workouts session.

While choosing the right workout clothes, the shorts made from organic cotton and bamboo, like the ones manufactured by Lavos Performance, can be an ideal option. The bamboo performance shorts of Lavos Performance offer a super soft feeling to your skin and are breathable. Moreover, they are odor resistant and help in eliminating sweat effectively. They also help in regulating your body temperature.


One of the prominent differences between sleep shorts and workout shorts is the fitting. When it comes to sleep shorts, a comfortable and pleasant feel is what you would look for. It’s all about comfort and staying cozy inside. In order to provide you the optimum comfort and sound sleep, the sleep shorts come with a little loose fit. However, make sure that it is not too loose as it would require significant adjustments every night.

On the other hand, when it comes to workout shorts, it should be all about performance. The performance of workout shorts is more fitting than compared to sleep shorts. They do exert some pressure on your thighs and butts and allow you to get moving and stay active. While the performance shorts also do offer comfort, they are meant to keep you going during the workout sessions. They are more fitting to ensure that they do not ride up while you are doing sit-ups, running, stretching, or squatting.


The sleep shorts come in more designs in comparison to the performance shorts. The sleep shorts for women may have laces and piping. On the other hand, the sleep shorts for men may come with functional pockets. They offer a more casual look. However, the performance shorts are available in minimalistic and sophisticated designs. They also do have pockets to allow you to keep your cell phones while working out. They can have a casual or professional look. Both the sleep shorts and performance shorts are available in a wide range of colors.

Now that you know the difference between sleep shorts vs. workout shorts, choosing the right shorts depending on your use can be easy. Lavos Performance offers the best gym shorts for working out that has all the features to make your workout sessions great. Made from breathable and durable fibers, the performance shorts are sure to boost your performance and overall productivity.

Are you looking for the perfect performance shorts? Check out the Performance Shorts of Lavos Performance and avail the best ones at a competitive price.

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