Tips to select right workout clothes | A beginner's guide to picking the perfect activewear

Tips to select right workout clothes | A beginner's guide to picking the perfect activewear

Are you often distracted while doing a yoga asana as your shorts fit loose in the waist? Or do you usually have to tug down your T-shirt at the gym? 

Finding the perfect workout clothes is crucial to have a smooth and enjoyable exercise session. Different workouts demand different garments. Therefore, it's essential to determine the type of exercises you will be performing before you buy your activewear.

Below are some tips to find the right workout clothes for women, whether you are pumping iron at the gym, practicing yoga, or running.

Select breathable upper wear

Make sure that you choose an upper wear that's breathable. Clothes made of dry-fit materials wick sweat and keep you dry, letting your skin breathe. You can wear a tank top or a camisole to have a more breathable exercise routine. The Lavos Bam top can be a great choice as its sustainable fabric made from bamboo is incredibly soft and lightweight and consists of natural properties that regulate body temperature and keep sweat away.

Choose the right sports bra

Choosing the correct upper wear isn't the only important aspect while shopping for sportswear for women; you also need to ensure that you buy supportive and comfortable undergarments. Women must always wear a good sports bra that fits a little tighter than a standard bra but still provides maximum support. Ensure that there isn't any chafing around shoulder straps, armholes, or seams. The straps of the bra should not dig in the skin either. Lavos has a large collection of Sports Bra which are a definite try!

Try Capri for yoga

Yoga pants are a popular choice of workout clothes among women who love doing yoga. However, if you're seeking a better option, don't forget to try Capri. The length of a capri is just perfect and offers maximum comfort while doing yoga. Though shorts provide flexibility, they tend to bunch up while performing any upside-down yoga asana, leaving you exposed. An ideal choice here would be the Lavos Yoga Capri that's made up of 4-way stretch material, thereby ensuring perfect fit during yoga and workouts.

Look for the right footwear

The right workout footwear can transform your exercise regimen completely. You can switch your running shoes with other workout shoes that provide more protection and comfort to your feet and legs based on the kind of exercise you're doing. Besides footwear, it is also crucial to invest in good athletic socks as they offer stability, support, and grip within the shoe. You can try the Lavos Bamboo Unisex Socks that offer superior comfort during workouts due to the uniquely designed arched cut at the toe ends.

Invest in a good workout hoodie

Want to amp up your workout apparel? Get your hands on a hoodie to throw on post your workout or layer yourself up during the chilly winters. A lightweight hoodie is most suitable for heavy workouts and acts as an excellent sweat absorbent.

Get the right fit

Last but not least, it's significant to make sure that the workout clothes you buy fit you right. If you have short legs, you wouldn't want to be falling over long pants while moving about. And if you are bigger on the top, there is nothing terrible than an ill-fitting sports bra. However, you no longer have to suffer. Lavos offers petite and plus-size activewear for women to make your workout session more comfortable and fun.

Lavos Performance - bamtop, sports bra, women, stretch, bamboo fabricIf you are all set to move ahead in your journey to fitness, then checking out the collection of workout clothes by Lavos can help keep you motivated. Its Bamboo Performance Technology combines an innovative fabric finishing process with the goodness of nature to give you the most eco-friendly and beneficial garments you will ever possess. So don't waste your hard-earned money on the wrong workout gear. Try Lavos to feel the difference!

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